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The Great Lecture Library - FAQ
Q: What is The Great Lecture Library?

A: The Great Lecture Library is a collection of lectures that have been given live at the world re-known Chautauqua Institution over the past 35 years. These lectures are presented by the most intelligent people of today.

Q: How do I burn an Audio CD from downloaded lectures?

A: How to burn an Audio CD with iTunes, Video Tutorial (Click Here)

Q: How do I load lectures onto my iPod?

A: Load lectures onto your iPod with iTunes, Video Tutorial (Click Here)

Q: How do I load lectures onto my MP3 Player?

A: Load lectures onto your MP3 Player, Video Tutorial (Click Here)

Q: How does The Great Lecture Library work?

A: The Great lecture Library is a subscription-based resource that provides members with unlimited streaming access of all lectures within the library. Individuals who subscribe are entitled to X number free downloadable lectures per year. Librarians and activity directors can also utilize this service as an outstanding resource for your residents or library visitors.

Q: What value does The Great Lecture Library add to my library?

A: The Great Lecture Library is a perfect addition to your Libraries current offerings. With over 1,000 lectures to choose from, there are definitely many lectures that can supplement the educational teachings of your facility. You will find the addition of the Great Lecture Library to be a refreshing change for your students. Listen to some of our countries greatest leaders as they share their experience and stories. Get a different perspective from some of the world's finest speakers. Listen to the worlds most respected Pastors discuss the Bible and World Religion. These Lectures are entertaining, educational, and historic.

Q: How do patrons find The Great Lecture Library?

A: The Great Lecture Library can be prominently displayed on your facilities website for easy access by your patrons. By subscribing to The Great Lecture Library you will be providing your patrons with unlimited access to a world of great lectures.

Q: Can more than one person at a time use The Great Lecture Library?

A: Depending on your subscription option, The Great Lecture Library is available in 4 different formats, single user, multi user, unlimited user, and download only. All individual users are in a single user or download only based plan, libraries and other subscription options use a multi or unlimited based plan.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are numerous membership options to The Great Lecture Library. Whether you are an individual looking to use this great collection for yourself or you are a librarian of a large university, The Great Lecture Library has a membership option designed specifically for you.

Q: How Can I Unsubscribe If I am Not Happy with the Service?

A: For all individual annual subscribers, if you are not satisfied with our service you can unsubscribe and will only be charged for the Minimum subscription fee of $9.00 per month. Any downloaded lectures will also be charged at the usual per download price of $5.95, unless the download was obtained from a promotion. There are no refunds for all other membership options, ie: Group Leader, Group Member, Librarians, and Activity Directors. To unsubscribe please use our technical support form requesting a cancellation.

Q: In what audio format are the lectures downloaded?

A: All of the lectures are downloaded in MP3 format, providing all users with the utmost flexibility in which portable listening device to use.

Q: Can I bookmark sections of lectures that I wish to listen to again?

A: The Great Lecture Library provides a book marking option that allows all members to mark the exact location within the sound file that you wish to return. Simply click on Bookmarks to return to the location within that file you have selected.

Q: When are new lectures added?

A: New lectures are added 1st Week of September each year, following the closing of the Chautauqua Season. Older lectures will be added on a monthly basis as we continue to expand our library.

Q: Can I use a dial-up connection with The Great Lecture Library?

A: Yes, we do support the use of dial-up connections and recommend that you have at least a 56K modem.

Q: I am using a dial-up connection and the streaming service keeps "pausing" why ?

A: The "pause" you are experiencing is the stream re-buffering it self. To fix this go to "Your Account" -> "Edit Profile" and change your streaming player to "Small (Dial-Up)". This change will allow more of the lecture to buffer and play for longer periods of time between re-buffers. If you are still experiencing frequent or long "pauses" your bandwidth may be to low to allow a continuous stream, to increase your bandwidth try closing other internet applications such as e-mail, chat applications, and games.

Q: I am getting an "Error [0]: Access Error" when trying to listen to the streaming audio.

A: This error is due to your browser not properly accepting session/browser cookies from our site. Click Here for instructions on how to fix this problem.

Q: When I attempt to download I am not prompted with an option to save, it opens in the browser and starts playing, how can I save the file to my computer?

A: Your browser and default media player are set to play .mp3 file types directly in your browser though a browser plug in or 'media bar'. For Internet Explorer please go to to turn off your media bar, this will allow to prompt you to save the file. If you have another plug in playing the .mp3 file please refer to the plug ins website for information on how to turn this feature off.

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